The design process is straightforward and enjoyable, listening to clients and fully delivering their brief is my key aim with every new design. It doesn’t matter what level of horticultural or design knowledge you may have, I will be able to explain each step of the process, using visuals such as sketches and mood boards so you can get a glimpse of your vision and see your garden come to life.
Working with you and your project
Getting to know you, your family and your pets is key and throughout the process I will be available to answer any questions you have. I want the best for my clients and to design gardens that I am proud of.
Initial Meeting
Building a relationship with new clients is key to creating a great garden. On instruction I'll come out and visit you and your garden in situ to help me gain a better understanding of the scope and scale of the project. In this initial meeting I'll be able to gain information around desired planting schemes, access and hard landscaping elements to form a brief. I'll also explain fully the next steps and discuss any suggestions to maximise your projects impact in your garden space.

After this initial meeting I will scope out an initial cost for the design process. Once accepted I will conduct a full site survey considering levels, gradients, buildings, boundaries, walls, paths and services. I will also consider key features that are to remain in the design.
Step 2
Following the initial meeting I'll come away with a clear brief of what you are wanting to achieve with your garden project. Over the coming weeks I'll initially introduce 3 concept designs. We will collaborate throughout the process to establish the final choice, which will maximise the potential of your outdoor space and deliver the brief perfectly. I will then design a detailed presentation plan of your new garden, alongside a planting plan that can be used by a landscaper to create your new garden.
The final design will be delivered alongside an aftercare package, including one site visit within the first 6 months. On going advice and services to help maintain your garden can also be provided.

Once your plans have been signed off, I'll work with you to handover your project to a contractor of your choice - who'll then be able to bring the designs to life in your garden. I'll be on hand throughout the process for any additional support or guidance around planting plans, alterations and more.
What I offer
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Working with Nature

Harmonising the inside with the outdoors

Creating a sense of calm and wellbeing

Creating moments of joy and intrigue

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